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  • Fundamentals of Intelligent Transportation Systems PlanningFundamentals of Intelligent Transportation Systems Planning
    Mashrur A. Chowdhury, Adel Wadid Sadek

    The book puts special focus on traffic flow issues and principles, and addresses recent security concerns in transportation systems, thus allowing you a greater degree of confidence in the success of your projects before actual …

  • Highway RobberyHighway Robbery
    Robert Doyle Bullard, Glenn Steve Johnson, Angel O. Torres

    Highway Robbery dispels a major myth that conceals enduring divisions in American life.

  • Cities and Their Vital SystemsCities and Their Vital Systems:
    Advisory Committee on Technology and Society

    Cities and Their Vital Systems asks basic questions about the longevity, utility, and nature of urban infrastructures; analyzes how they grow, interact, and change; and asks how, when, and at what cost they should be replaced.

  • Royal TransportRoyal Transport
    Peter Pigott

    This richly illustrated book covers all modes of royal transport in Britain and the Commonwealth – some of the most famous and yet unknown transport in the world.

  • In Search of the Grand TrunkIn Search of the Grand Trunk
    Ron Brown

    Holidayers packed their trunks and headed north for an extended summer day at their favorite resorts. Today, these are but a distant memory as most of Ontario’s once essential transportation links lie abandoned and largely forgotten.

  • Detection of Explosives for Commercial Aviation SecurityDetection of Explosives for Commercial Aviation Security
    Committee on Commercial Aviation Security, Commission on Engineering and Technical Systems, National Materials Advisory Board, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences, National Research Council

    This book advises the Federal Aeronautics Administration (FAA) on the detection of small, concealed explosives that a terrorist could plant surreptitiously on a commercial airplane.

  • Mitsubishi and the N Y K 1870 1914Mitsubishi and the N.Y.K., 1870-1914
    William D. Wray

    William D. Wray presents an in-depth analysis of the origins and institutional growth prior to World War I of Mitsubishi, today Japan's largest industrial group, and the Nippon Yusen Kaisha, now the world's leading shipping enterprise.

  • Pediatric Injury BiomechanicsPediatric Injury Biomechanics
    Jeff R. Crandall, Barry S. Myers, David F. Meaney, Salena Zellers Schmidtke

    In addition to the text, a companion archive will include valuable information and tools to assist in the identification of gaps in research and future research directions.This living document will be regularly updated with current research …

  • Sustainability and CitiesSustainability and Cities
    Peter Newman, Jeffrey Kenworthy

    The book begins with chapters that set forth the notion of sustainability and how it applies to cities and automobile dependence.

  • Straits of MalaccaStraits of Malacca
    Donald B. Freeman

    Casting a broad net across several disciplines, particularly geography and political economy, Donald Freeman examines the significance of the Straits as both a trade gateway and a choke-point that has forced generations of sailors to "run …

November 29, 2015